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Exclusive organic bedding

Treat yourself and get a better sleep .

Is there anything better than a nice bedroom. Create a beautiful atmosphere with our classic gray boxes and you will love and go to bed every night.

Our powder yellow is so beautiful with our Special Edition boxes.

Our new luxurious organic bedding is based on the simple graphic aesthetics, tones and flora that is so delicate and amazing in Nordic nature.

Soft tones

Spring is here and so are the soft tones at Manostiles. If you want to brighten up your home, you can add simple graphic patterns and notes of colour. They express purity, simple living and tranquility.

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Sov sødt lille Jumbo….

Vi er godt igang med design af sengetøj til både børn og voksne.

Og nu har du mulighed for at få indflydelse!

Hvordan foretrækker du din lukning? Altså når du har lagt sengetøjet på, skal det så lukkes med:

  1. Knapper
  2. Snore
  3. Bror/Søster bånd ( Det der kritch kratch )
  4. Lynlås
  5. Ingenting

Der er mange muligheder, personligt foretrækker jeg trykknapper – men vil rigtig gerne høre din mening.

Og så lige her på falderebet – skal sengetøjet også passe til din mand eller har du vetoret?

Bed linen, Manostiles, White bed linen Hvidt sengetøj er min egen personlige favorit, hvad er din?

We are well along with designs of bedding for both kids and adults.
And now you have the opportunity to have a voice!

How do you prefer your bedding to close? So when you put the bedding on, it closes with:


There are many options, personally I prefer the buttons – but would really like to hear your opinion. 

White linens are my own personal favorite, what is yours?

And then right here at the last moment – Do your husband have influence on the colors that are chosen for the bedding?