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Dåser, æsker, grydelapper


Beautiful colours on our office

Pumpkin has the most beautiful colors that fit into our  winter collection.

In the office, we put pumpkin in one of our lids from our Special Editions boxes. We have mixed them with our Pure Nodic pillow and Retro Seeds pillow, special edition boxes, tea towels and things from nature.

We love the mix of Nordic, graphical and aesthetically.

Exclusive organic bedding

Treat yourself and get a better sleep .

Is there anything better than a nice bedroom. Create a beautiful atmosphere with our classic gray boxes and you will love and go to bed every night.

Our powder yellow is so beautiful with our Special Edition boxes.

Our new luxurious organic bedding is based on the simple graphic aesthetics, tones and flora that is so delicate and amazing in Nordic nature.

Manostiles new children collection “Forrest”

Manostiles new children collection “Forrest”  represents a fabulous, sparkling children’s universe, where colours, patterns and quality go hand in hand.

As a part of Manostiles new children collection, there will be more soft news – small, fine organic pillows with print, which will look decorative in a nursery as well as in a pram or in a playing cave.

NEW…. “Gallery” consists of lovely illustrations in A5 and A3, which easily
can be framed and create a good atmosphere in the nursery, at the changing
table and on the walls around the cradle.

Manostiles children universe has had an excellent start and reception.
Everything is in stock the end of September and we are looking forward so much ….

MANOSTILES NEW graphic pattern on teatowels.

Manostiles’ dishtowels, which we first launched in January 2012 has been a huge success. Now there will come 5 new dishtowels in an even better quality and with the new “Seeds” print, in greyish tones as well as in the color powder yellow.

Our popular dishtowels, with the “Dots” print, come in new variations.

The kitchen is a room where we spend a lot of time in – so why not buy distowels that can brighten any kitchen up, with simple graphic prints.


Colors, handsketches and new expressions

The name Manostiles is inspired by wonderfull techniques and handcrafted things out there in the world. Mano means hand and this word inspires us daily in our work! Theese days we work on new products, colors, handsketches and new expressions. What a wonderfull feeling it is to get our hands into it!! Here is a sneak peek from the studio…

Soft tones

Spring is here and so are the soft tones at Manostiles. If you want to brighten up your home, you can add simple graphic patterns and notes of colour. They express purity, simple living and tranquility.

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