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Dåser, æsker, grydelapper


Manostiles – A wonderful day at the office….

My daughter is in the office – Laura is developing a new design – check out how beautiful it is when using these petroleum colors…

Just wondering if they are to be used for a Tea towel – a Cushion or perhaps for the Children’s bedding…?New collection tea towels

I Love Spring – Light and Happiness

We love the spring, and personally I can’t find any better way starting the day than going for a run…

Our Candlesticks are becoming more and more popular, we are receiving much praise from customers, who already bought them – they are really happy for their purchase! It spreads the most wonderful glow at the table, in the bathroom and in the bedroom …

To all of you who still haven’t bought the Candlesticks – Spoil yourself – buy one in our shop already now…


Candlestick - Manostiles - Spring

Have a Look…

We want to present our brand new collection for the Children – which will be on stock end of March. We’ve received tons of praise for this collection, which we are very excited about!

One customer wrote to us asking how come our products are not available in more children’s shops and children’s web shops? This collection for the children is so wonderful… And I asked myself – well how come they are not?? So – I’ve decided to change that! – Thank you for your email Sofia – and for the nice words you send along with it! 


StarLove - Dream Whit Me

StarLove – Dream Whit Me

Manostiles wants to offer you a present….

Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it’s the day of Love… We want to celebrate that by offering you a present…

Spoil someone you care about – or spoil yourself – your home, and feel the joy and love…

We’ve put together the most delicious Valentine’s present.

One of our Cushions -> Either “Dots” Grey & White, “Seeds” Black   White or “Seeds” Grey & White

One big Candlestick, 

One small Candlestick, either cobber or gold

One package of ecological Tea towels containing 2 pieces – Free of choice.

One of our newest and most popular shopping opportunities.

Total value of present: Price 995 DKK or 133 EUR

SaVE 50% – Your Price 497 DKK or 66 EUR.

This offer only runs until Tuesday February 11th 2014.

Please enter “Valentine’s Present” in the comment’s field when you place your order, and you’ll have either 498 DKK or 67 EUR deducted from your purchase when we approve your order.


We’re looking forward to sending lots of Valentine’s presents – with Love from Manostiles…


Manostiles – Who’s the woman behind Manostiles?

Mette Lindeberg, Manostiles Danish Design, CEO, Design

Good question – who is she?? The woman behind Manostiles is Mette Lindeberg, who owns and runs the design company, and she’s done that since 2011.

I’m 38 years old, I’ve got 5 kids, and I love to run….I love to exercise so much, that I actually signed up for ½ an Ironman this summer….to me it’s really important to be in balance, both physically and mentally.

I’m a an early starter, and I’ve often done the first emails before the rest of the family wake up….It’s in the mornings I get the most of my ideas and at this point of the day when I’m the most creative!

Being an entrepreneur in Denmark is not always a walk in the park. When I tossed myself into this adventure, I never dreamt of how difficult it can be, to create a brand and get “famous”. It’s not until recently that I’ve started to notice the recognizability when seeing cushions, cans, tea towels etc from Manostiles Danish Design, or when a friend of mine tells me, that she’s seen our baby bedding when gathering with other new mom’s or at baby showers. It warms my heart and makes me super happy…

Originally I used to work in the financial sector, and I’ve often been asked if I miss my good old, secure, job – and the answer to that is: NO! I love to do, what I’m doing now, and there is nothing else I would rather do! Every day I feel the deep urge to get started, I’ve got tons of ideas, there’s so much I want to do, but unfortunately so little time, simply too few hours in the day!

I’ve created anything you could wish for in your home! Nice cans and ecological tea towels for your kitchen – beautiful table cloths – nice cushions for your couch – the most soft bedding for your bedroom – and a MUST HAVE: Candlesticks that add beauty to your bedroom – your living room – your kitchen –  and your bathroom too. Boxes which are nice everywhere in your home and that help you to keep order and hide away the messy stuff… And also – EVERYTHING for the kids too – bedding – cushions – nursing pillows – changing mats etc….

We want to get even better – I’m open to new ideas, praise and criticism – What can I/Manostiles do better? What products would you like to see from Manostiles? Let us know your opinion….

Look forward to 2014 – I’ll come up with more new products…

Mette Lindeberg, Manostiles Danish Design, CEO, Design,


Manostiles Sssshhhhh – Yes – we love beauty!

Now you’ll find our very sought for Candlesticks in all the Zenz Hair shops – and that’s not all – besides the Candlesticks, you’ll also find our delicious Boxes and Cushions. The Cushions you’ll find at Frederiksberg and Ordrup.

Cushions Black&White and Grey&White

Cushions Black&White and Grey&White

Anne-Sophie, the owner of all these shops, is the coolest lady ever…! When you enter into one of the Zenz shops http://www.zenz.dk you can’t help thinking…Hmmm…Am I dreaming, or does service come on such a high level? – And yes it does! At Zenz you truly feel welcomed and they spend time on YOU. They spoil you with delicious coffee or tea, a champagne glass with water and a lemon slice. You’ll get the most wonderful massage at the sink – but above all – the price level is the exact same compared to other hair shops, but at Zenz you just get a bit more service than you expect. And service is something that we also value very much ourselves and that we keep a constant focus on!! Hey – and by the way – all their products are ecological AND their own brand!

Why wait – hurry up and book an appointment with Zenz – You’ll love it!


Zenz grøn frisør København

Zenz grøn frisør København