Manostiles: Believe in yourself…

Copper candlestik - design dots cushion

Copper candlestik – design dots cushion

It’s been way too long since we last shared something on our blog!

We had a really amazing exhibition on the DesignTrade fair, and we’ve had so much to do ever since – which of course is very positive! We didn’t have any expectations because we signed up for the fair in the very last moment – but coming back from the fair with so many positive experiences and many new customers, is something that makes us say: Believe in yourself!

Check out this great webshop and blog Inreda in Sweden:

We too are crazy about it!

Gold candlestick

Gold candlestick


Manostiles’ been photo shooting….

Today we’ve been photo shooting and shot many fantastic photos of the products – we love to play with the mix of the products and all the various styling opportunities – Everything is possible – just let your mood guide you…

A Must Have…. Shop the new cushions and candlesticks – an early spring starter…You can have your goods before the weekend begins…

Purchase at our retailers or in our online shop….

We look forward to spoiling you in 2014….

 small dots cushion

Manostiles is having huge success at the DesignTrade fair….

Our candlesticks have taken our customers by storm and we’re so excited about that …

The new cushions are also embraced by our customers, totally exceeding our expectations and we’re really looking forward to an exciting day at the DesignTrade fair.

Meet us at our show room E-020, everybody is welcome – the Press, Bloggers, Purchasers…

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Whauuu…Look here – Manostiles does it again!

The fair starts today and we’re so much looking forward to it and we’re really excited!

We can hardly wait showing you all of our new products! I’ve chosen to focus on kids and new products for kids! (and don’t worry – there’ll also be goodies for grown up’s :-) 

I’ve got 5 kids of my own, hence I truly know the impact that this have on your home, the space, or rather the lack of it, and not the least, the spaciousness and diversity needed with 5 kids – 5 kids that are not at all the same but indeed wonderful in their own ways! I get the inspiration for my new products from what I see in the nature and from what my heart say. I went running one night and there was the most beautiful starry sky – I smiled and felt this inner peace as I just knew that this would be the start of my new kid’s collection! 

Our take on the 2014 Kid’s collection – The Children’s Universe 2014.

I connect stars with peace – joy and something beautiful, that’s exactly what our kids need….           

I’ve created a boy’s and a girl’s StarLove design…. I’ve chosen to name our new Kid’s collection “StarLove” …because it’s alright to dream far away while gazing up the stars – dream about joy and happiness…dream of just what you’re looking for…Kids are the best dreamers, the best in seeing opportunities, not limits, and the beauty of the most fun things – I love it ! 

I care about our home and I love to mix the interior of both adults and kids – by doing so, the home becomes a whole! I thought we needed a renewal on the Kid’s area and I hope that you too will enjoy our new Children’s Universe – the StarLove – exactly as much as we do!

There will be cot bumpers – cloth diapers – changing mats – nursing pillows – music toy – beddings and of course the most beautiful cushions for the kid’s room, the pram, the stroller or just for a cozy time in the living room. 

Come and visit us at DesignTrade fair this week.

STAND: E-020

New kids collection

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Manostiles in the magazine ”BoligLiv”

Came home yesterday evening after a hard day of work getting our show room ready for the fair. I sat down in my couch, drank a Latté and relaxed while reading the newest release of “BoligLiv” and BAAM – Pillow fight … Our graphical black and white cushions with our known Seeds-Design on page 23…

I just love Lifestyle magazines !

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Manostiles attending the DesignTrade Fair January 8th to 10th 2014

First of all – Happy New Year everybody – we hope that you’ve kicked off New Year well – we have, and we look forward to 2014

We’re busy getting ready for the Design Trade Fair this week – come by and see all of our brand new products.

Meet us at stand: E-020

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Manostiles wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…..

Graphic black pillows

Speciel edition boxes, Falling Pure Nordic Pillow, Cans

Speciel edition boxes, Falling Pure Nordic Pillow, Cans