Drinking glasses, blue
Drinking glasses, blue
Drinking glasses, blue
  • Drinking glasses, blue
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Drinking glasses, blue

Blue glass, handblown, 2 pcs., 33 cl.
The blue drinking glasses, designed by Manostiles is handblown and of high quality. The beautiful blue color makes your drink look even more appealing and furthermore looks beautiful on your table setting. To be used both for parties and for everyday use. The blue drinking glasses can easily be used by children, as they are easy to hold. The round design ensures that the glass never falls over completely. Very beautiful and functional drinking glasses that are heat resistant as well.

  • Weight: 370 g. 
  • Dimensions: 7 x 10.5 cm, 33 cl. 
  • Color: Clear glass 
  • Material: Glass - hand-blown
  • Wash: Dishwasher
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