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Manostiles - Danish Design for kids and your home.

Welcome to the Universe of Manostiles

Manostiles is unique Danish interior design for both children and adults. The philosophy behind Manostiles is to create interior design with a personal touch, and where the focus is on simplicity and high quality. Every design is thought out to the last detail.

"I am inspired by nature and my ideas for new products and designs often coe to me when I'm out in the garden or going for a walk. I love being in nature and therefore it’s natural to take some of these elements into my home and surround myself with things that create a nice atmosphere. "

Mette Lindenberg, CEO Manostiles

The inspiration from nature is evident in Manostiles' prints and recurs in colors and shapes of all designs. At the same time, there is a clear graphic element to the designs, which makes it possible to use Manostiles' design across style and blend it with existing interior.

Design and colors in Manostiles' collection are the product of a time where our home and the things we surround ourselves with, is a key part of our identity. Home interior should be personal, beautiful to the eye and at the same time last for many years despite of everyday use. All Manostiles’ products are organic and the best quality on the market.


Manostiles is owned by CEO Mette Lindenberg, who started the company in 2011. Before that, she came from the financial world, where she had been for 15 years. She took the plunge in 2011 and with the creation of Manostiles, she followed her passion - namely creating aesthetically, personal and functional interior design for the modern home.

All Manostiles' designs and prints are created by Mette Lindenberg.