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Babynest - hvid

559,20 DKK

Manostyle's baby nest in the solid color perfect white is designed with a focus on the child and safety, and where only the best is good enough.
The idea of ​​the baby nest is that both the child and the parents are taken into account.

Babynesten, is designed with several functions. It has a fixed base which makes it more stable, and it is easy as parents to move the child from room to room when your child is sleeping. The hose can be zipped off, so that the recognizability and security follow the child when the child has to move to a bigger bed or if you want to use it in the playpen.
At the same time, the snake is really good when you have to train to lie on your stomach. Then if you lay the child on the tube, it supports it under the chest, but also supports it so that the child does not roll over on its side.
There is an opening at the end so you can use it for longer as the child grows. The baby nest also fits in the pram when you go out for a walk.

The baby nest is made of the softest organic cotton, which is cool and comfortable for the child to lie on. At the same time, it is easy to take with you if you have to go out the door, and it is safe and recognizable for the child to lie, play and sleep in.

Product information:

  • Material: Organic cotton - foam mattress and fixed board
  • Dimensions: 45x90 cm
  • Colour: Perfect White
  • Wash: 30º (gentle program). However, we do not recommend washing it too much, but use a fine sheet or cloth nappy at the bottom. Remove foam before washing

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