Manostiles Danish Design

Abe Silicone plate - Purple

151,20 DKK

Children's plate cute monkey in silicone from Manostiles. Manostile's children's collection - mealtime where we focus on the child's development and learning about eating themselves and being "foodie" All our eating products are approved and you can safely let your children have a pleasant mealtime with Manostile's products.

Our children's plate monkey is inspired from nature, an animal that all children love and has a nice and cheeky being. The monkey is cheeky in a sweet way and we have named it Albert the Monkey from Manostiles.

The plate is made of silicone and sits securely on the table, so you can safely let your child practice and develop eating by himself because it does not spill onto the floor or slip across the table.

Product information:

  • Free of BPA and phthalates
  • Safe contact with food (LFGB certified)
  • Washing: Can go in the dishwasher, won't break if dropped.
  • Sits well on the table.
  • Stable temperature in contact with heat and cold.
  • Color: Purple
  • Dimensions: 22x16x3

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